All Leading The Way collars and leads are made using the finest died through English bridle leather.

The thickness of the leather is 3mm – 3.5mm for standard items and 2mm – 2.5mm for collars that are suitable for smaller dogs such as Italian Greyhounds.

The sheepskin used to line the Hound collars is the most beautiful Merino sheepskin.

The thickness of the fur side is 5mm approx. and this offers a beautiful soft feel to the underside of the collar offering your hound the ultimate in luxury and helps protect sensitive necks

Only the best brass and nickel fittings are used. The buckles, D rings, chains and rings are all sourced from suppliers known for manufacturing the highest quality harness fittings.

All our items are machine stitched with a heavy yet durable nylon bonded thread.

These threads are particularly hard wearing.

Some items are also riveted. Once again only quality fittings are used.

Each Leading The Way item is embossed with one of our unique designs.

You can pick which design you would like and items can even be left plain if you so wish.

Your own unique design can also be embossed on to your item. Some people choose their dogs name, their kennel name or just a favorite design.

All we require is a black and white image print out that is the actual size.  Please feel free to contact us should you require a quote.

Items can be personalized with our beautiful classic text and this is £8 for up to 8x characters.


As with all leather items if given a little care and attention every so often they will

Look great for some time to come. We recommend a good quality saddle soap to remove any dirt and grease and then a leather feed or moisturizer to replenish the natural oils.

We recommend that our leather items are not exposed to excessive amounts of water.

As with any leather item this would result in the drying out of the leather and it may lead to the distortion of the embossed pattern.

Should any items get very wet, remove them and allow them to dry naturally and then apply a moisturizing product. If a sheepskin lined collar was to get wet, once again allow it to dry naturally and then a brush will fluff the sheepskin back up again. (Do not treat sheepskin with any products.) We do suggest our sheepskin lined collars might not be suitable if your dog loves to swim at every chance!

We have always wanted to make our products made to last but please be sure to check your collar and lead every now and again that it is still in good order.

Checks should be made to the leather, stitching and fittings to check they have not worn or perished over time. If in any doubt then